Probiotic Treatment Service

Probiotic Treatment Service

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Probiotic Fogging For Your Protection

Own a pet? Suffer from allergies? Been sick recently? Wish there was a quick, easy and affordable way to refresh the air in your home or office? Introducing EcoProbiotic Systems pioneering service: Probiotic Fogging. 

We apply a fine mist of beneficial bacteria to your air and furniture. The end result leaves your environment loaded with probiotics for optimum hygiene!!

Try our all-natural probiotic fogging service and enjoy the benefits. EcoProbiotic Systems works with the most advanced eco-friendly, all natural probiotic cleaning products. We have highly specialized technicians ready to and able to reach any corner, surface or height under professionally-certified standards. With the effectiveness of the probiotic fogging, we can fight back against the new  health challenges that we're all facing post COVID-19. 

Our goal is is to share with our customers and the community the positive advantages of our fogging service can provide with the use of probiotics. 

Breathing Probiotics is Certified Safe and Positive for our Health

Are you concerned about inhaling probiotics? No need to worry. Our probiotics is certified safe during and after fogging. When the probiotics enter the mount and nose, they will install a protective beneficial microbiome that reduces pollutions and reduces the risk of pathogen infections. 

Reduce the Risks of Viral Infections

Cleaning products from Eco Probiotic Systems contains "probiotic bacteria that have been shown to reduce the infectivity of many types of viruses. Although the direct spread of viruses between people cannot be prevented, Synbio Shield (Probiotics and Prebiotics) will drastically reduce the risk of viral infectivity."

In short, if you catch a virus, the chances of further infection and becoming sick are drastically reduced, thanks to the power of probiotics!


Reduce the risk of infection by pathogens:

By using Probiotics, a healthy microbiome is then implemented on all surfaces, which reduces the risk of development and the spreading of the pathogens. The end result is cleaner surfaces, reduced odors, and creates a safe and healthier environment.


How much is the cost? $0.20 per square feet.  

Must make an appointment. Call (888)659-5869.