Probiotic Cleaning Can Reduce Chemical-Based Health Risks in Barbershops and Salons

During the COVID-19 lockdown, many of us were looking forward to normality, and re-opening of barbershops and salons. Luckily, most salons barbershops have now re-opened. Of course with the re-opening, cleaning has become more and more frequent than ever and using chemical-based products, which increases the toxins employees and customers are already exposed to. 

According to EcoWatch Environmental News for a healthier planet and life, Studies "reveals that long-term exposure to products routinely used in salons leads to an array of negative health conditions frequently suffered by beauticians and other salon workers."

Products like hair spray, hair dye, and nail polish have chemicals that reduce indoor air quality that can be damaging to ones health - such as formaldehyde and ammonium persulfate. A study that was conducted by the National Library of Medicine indicated that formaldehyde is correlated to depression and anxiety. Benzene in nail polish is associated with blood cancers. Salon employees are at a great risk when they are continuously are around such harmful chemicals. 

Products such as hair dye, hair spray and nail polish all contain chemicals that reduce indoor air quality and can damage health – including formaldehyde, toluene and ammonium persulfate. A study by the National Library of Medicine shows formaldehyde is linked to anxiety and depression. Benzene in nail polish is linked to blood cancers and other chemicals are linked to dementia. Salon workers are at the particular risk as they are continually exposed to chemicals on a long-term basis. According to Forbes, a study shows how nail bars have higher levels of chemicals than oil refineries.

A greater issue here, is besides these chemicals already in the salon, more frequent cleaning products are being used to stop the spread of germs and other pathogens, thus adding more chemicals in the environment, putting the employees and customers at an even greater risk. With the COVID guidelines, salons and barbershops have to boost their cleanings more often than before. 

On a positive note, there are ways to make improvements that can benefit both the employees and their customers. For example, using formaldehyde-free products and chemical-free hair coloring products can reduce exposure to harmful chemicals. Using cleaning products that are chemical-free, plant-based products can greatly reduce exposure as well. 

By adding the EcoProbiotic System as part of the daily routine cleaning, it can effectively clean at the microscopic level, fighting against harmful chemical odors. It contains high quality, beneficial 'good' bacteria, that is naturally sourced and 100% organic. The probiotics are helpful in actively restoring healthy ecological balance to surfaces (the microbiome) that helps in supporting immunity and a healthier environment for employees and customers of salons and barbershops.